A “Minor” Inconvenience for Many

Social Media Disagreed

The Numbers Tell a Grim Tale

  • Access to financial institutions — banking, post office etc
  • Jan Dhan Yojana Accounts

Pray for Those Who Can’t Access an Account

Take a look at this entire chain of tweets. It is an eye opener.

Having an Account isn’t Enough Either

Long lines, even late into the night. (Picture taken by a colleague)

The Average Citizen is Suffering

A Cashless World isn’t the Answer (Yet)

A Policy of Politics

This Won’t Stop Black Money

Our Privilege Makes us Blind

  • WHAT? Does all my cash have zero value now?
  • I’ve been to 6 different banks, waited in line for 2 hours at each one and I still don’t have money. I haven’t eaten all day and I don’t have a debit card. What do I do?
  • My child is seriously ill, but the hospital won’t take my money. I can’t wait to go find money, they aren’t happy with a cheque payment. How can I get my child treated?
  • How do I feed my family tonight if I can’t get change for 500? How do I feed myself?
  • I have saved 50,000 to build a house for my parents in my village. I’ve collected this money over time and sent it to my parents to keep it safe. Their nearest branch is 20km away. Am I going to lose it all?
  • This contractor paid my brother and me for the day’s labour with 1000 note. We can’t use this anywhere; but this is all we have. What do we do?
  • I’ve been withdrawing money daily to pay for my sister’s wedding. All that money is worthless now. How do I make payments? Will her marriage stop?
  • I’ve saved up money for years, without telling my husband who is dominating, believes he controls everything and handles all the money. How do I get my money changed?

What can we do now?

  • genuine concerns around the first time use of Hindi numerals the currency
  • the plight of tourists who can’t get money changed
  • the stories of the ruling party selectively leaking the “secrecy” of their plan to give their friends and allies a heads up to prepare
  • the exploitation by some people taking the demonetized notes at a much lower value and taking advantage of desperation
  • the theories of crony capitalism around providing a cash influx to banks with bad loans.




Education Designer, Design Strategist, Feminist, Leftist, Traveler, Foodie, Polyglot, Arsenal

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Education Designer, Design Strategist, Feminist, Leftist, Traveler, Foodie, Polyglot, Arsenal

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